R. Rhett Austell Jr.’48

It’s “all in the family” for the Austells — the Williams family, that is

The recipient of a Tyng Scholarship, which provided a great incentive for him to come to Williams, Rhett majored in English and history and was editor of the Record. “I am grateful for that scholarship, for the splendid education Williams gave me, and for the friends with whom I have shared time in that Berkshire Valley. What an uplifting, resonating force Williams has been in our lives!” he says.

“Despite my personal interest in having Williams offer generous scholarship aid, I feel strongly that the College administration and trustees are in the best position to pinpoint those needs and those points of leverage that enable Williams to continue offering the superb liberal arts education it does.” To aid the College in its endeavors, Rhett has designated Williams as a one of the beneficiaries of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). These funds will come to the College as unrestricted dollars. The IRA was Rhett’s gift arrangement of choice because of the “double” tax benefit of using an IRA to make charitable gifts ¾ exemption from estate and income tax. By including Williams in his estate plans, Rhett is helping the ever-widening Williams family in the “pursuit of intellectual excellence.”

It’s “all in the family” for the Austells — the Williams family, that is. R. Rhett Austell, Jr., his brother, son, daughter, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, granddaughter and grandson, among other members of his family, are all Ephs. And Rhett is the first to acknowledge, “I owe Williams a great deal. If the ‘family’ alumni doesn’t support the institution, who will?”

— R. Rhett Austell Jr.’48